October 13

A Teacher’s Life for Me: #TeacherTales, #StudentStories

As with any teacher, we all have more stories than we could ever begin to tell. I started keeping track of some of mine and titled them #TeacherTales #StudentStories. I thought I would share a few of them with you here in this post. Enjoy!


Answer received on a Gatsby Quiz:
Question: Who is hit by a car and killed?
“The person who got hit”

Question: Who was driving the car?
“The driver”

“Jason” <– Who is this??!!

Question: Who do you think is at fault and why?
“Murl, He shouldn’t have been there where he had a chance to get hit but the driver should have been paying attention.”
“I think Tom is at fault because he didn’t like George so he decided to kill him.”


Yesterday, I gave my classes index cards and asked them to write down their top three areas that they felt they needed just a little more help with before they take their state tests next week. Here are some of the real life answers I got. I love️ my students!

“My attion spand”
“When you have to finish the sentence and none of the answer choices relate to each other and they all seem to fit well.” <– I HATE this type of question too. Pick the “best” answer.
“grammar, school, life”

And my favorite:
“It smells like feet in there.”

Overheard in class:

Student 1: “A kid I know lost his scholarship after his grades went down.”

Student 2: “WAIT…your grades count even AFTER you’re in college?!”

After a lengthy discussion on whether or not you would ask a student’s grandparents to dial a phone or press the buttons to make a call, (he said press while I said dial because you have to be aware of your audience), student asks me: “But why would you need to change what you have to say depending on your audience? Just say what’s right.”

I replied: “So that you are speaking their vernacular and not being pedantic.”
His expected reply: “Huh?”
Me: “See?”

Student: “Is the movie version of Romeo & Juliet just like 50 Shades of Gray?”

Umm….No. No it’s not. Not in any way.





At Open House tonight, I had a PARENT ask if there would be any reading.

Me: Well, it is a literature class soooooo I’m gonna say yes. Yes, there will be reading.





I offered a student a piece of candy today. He replied with, “meh. I’m on my way to type II diabetes anyway. Might as well close the gap.”






I was passing back papers today. When I laid one on a particular student’s desk, he murmured, “mmm….look at God!”







Student: “Is Connecticut a state or a city?” (Quick reminder, I teach high school.)






Student was looking for a word to use in his research paper. He says to me, “You know…like a crack circle.”

The word he was looking for was rehabilitation.


Teaching is fun. Teaching teenagers is the best. There’s just no other way around it.

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